Click for Graph List
View graph(s) by selecting an item to the left:
  • Clicking on folder will show all graphs in that folder.
  • Clicking on the triangle will show the graphs in a folder.
  • Clicking on a graph will show only that graph.
The following tips will help you navigate the graphs:
  • Zoom-in X: Click and drag left or right.
  • Zoom-in Y: Click and drag up or down.
  • Zoom-out: Double-click.
  • Pan: Shift-click and drag left or right.
  • Close: Clicking on the close button will remove graphs from your current view.
  • Drag: Drag one graph onto another to create a custom graph with all series combined located at the bottom of the page. Multiple series can be viewed by dragging additional graphs onto the newly created custom graph. Graph(s) can be accessed under the User graphs folder.
to bring up this help again.